Doing my own real estate marketing? No ads please!

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Wall Height10
Total Area Sq Ft8,186 Bldg.
6,745 asph/conc 
FramingMasonry bearing walls
Exterior WallsStud -Brick Veneer;
Year Built1986

Goal: Do my own real estate marketing and promotion to corporate brands such as healthcare and set up property in NNN lease. Incentive includes Area declared Opportunity Zone by State and Feds. Tax deferments and breaks. I know I need a lawyer or document preparer. But I want to save on marketing and promotion costs. Any thoughts on next step? Thanks for your thoughts.

Shop around the folks who do signage and such for the brokers and agents in your area and work to see what kinds of prices you get from that. You might also consider a couple of diffferent digital ads to put together yourself and that way you could also put them up here and don other social media.