Urban Land Institute Classes and Events

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Hi everyone,

Does anybody have any experience with an Urban Land Institute membership, classes or events? The ULI membership itself is steep but the classes aren't cheap either.

I'm located in Boston and these two events are coming up:



I'm trying to get my foot in the door of a development company so I can learn the ropes of some small/medium sized developments and adaptive reuse projects with the end goal of taking on my own projects down the road. 

Have any of you found any real value in a ULI membership? Are the classes of substantial quality to demand that premium? 

Thanks in advance!

@Michael Fratalia I'm a ULI member in San Diego. I'm also part of NAIOP, BOMA and ICSC and in my opinion ULI is the best industry organization for what you're looking to do. Definitely has the best mix of CRE professionals: attorneys, developers, architects, brokers, bankers etc. I have never done the classes, but I attend one or two events per month. We have a very active young leaders group (under 35) and do free "Cocktail + Content" events every month along with project tours and volunteer events. If there are no free events, I would try to go to one of the panel events - especially if there are ones for infill development/adaptive reuse. The events which aren't too expensive for non-members ($25).

You probably don't need to buy a membership just yet.. When you get hired, your firm will likely foot the bill. Same goes for the classes, your firm will probably pay for them.

The Fall ULI in Boston is their main event of the year, with people coming in from across the country. I don't think that would be worth it if you're looking to stay in Boston. The events put on by your local chapter should have the people you want to meet. I have met a ton of people in my chapter and would definitely recommend.

Good Luck!

@Michael Fratalia ULI is by far and away one of the best organizations and events in existence. The amount of knowledge is like a fire hose of useful and in-depth information. The fall and spring conferences have more information going on concurrently that you will be overwhelmed with the information and relationships you can build. I would think the cost of the events and membership is bare minimum a 10x return if not greater. Classes are top notch and world class. If you are on the fence even their free info online and YouTube channel could likely help change the trajectory of your career in development.