Multi use property loans

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I was looking for a multi family property when I stumbled across an interesting property. Half acre lot in the middle of an established neighborhood with multiple buildings on it. It has a 1500sq ft 3/2 house with an attached 1/1 apartment on it. In the backyard is an additional separate efficiency apartment. On the side lot are 2 full mechanic shops. One has 2 bays and a large office, and the other has 3 bays, an office, and 2 lifts. The story is a guy lived there for 30 years running the shops and passed away. The kids want to sell it all. Current zoning says it’s all residential land with a commercial building on it. I’m paying cash, but would like to refinance later. Do I seek a residential or commercial appeaser and loan for this? The shops and house have different addresses. Can I get 2 different loans? One for house and one for shops? I’m trying to get creative rob make the numbers work. I figure I can get $5000 combined rent from everything. 2000 large shop 1000 small shop 1000 main house 600 Apt 400 efficiency. What sould I take into consideration?