LP Opportunities with Syndicators

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Hi All,

I am interested in getting involved as an LP in multi-family syndication, but I haven't had a ton of luck finding these opportunities. As many of you know, most companies don't even bother raising funds from sophisticated investors (which I totally understand because of the regulations). I am more looking for ways to connect with these groups/investors and start to create relationships. If you have any recommendations for groups to reach out to or events to attend, I would be most obliged.


There are many on BP you can reach out to and I'm sure there are some you can meet locally too. Go to Meetup.com and search 'Los Angeles multifamily' and I'm sure it will give you options. If you're looking to invest elsewhere then search for groups there too. You can also go to multifamily conferences held by various investing groups around the country.

Yes...there are many out there. We tend to focus on Chicagoland multifamily if you want to explore ideas.

@Wiley Strahan Just saw this post. You will find what you're looking for at the marketing session I mentioned in other thread. Money seeking deals. Deals seeking money. Properties to be sold and cash traded up. Accual deeds traded for deeds plus cash. 1031 money seeking placement. And so on.