Self Storge Ideas for Purchase

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Agree with @Hai Loc .  Cold calling is a great way to find mom and pops especially in secondary and tertiary markets.  It really depends on what type of facilities you are looking for and in what type of markets.  I have had some good luck with direct mail campaigns as well but it is definitely very competitive.  Lots of brokers and buyers going after the same sellers.  Brokers could be great as well.  Again, just depends on what you are looking for IMO.

Hi Sean, I've used a few sources to find deals, closing on 5 deals in N.C. totaling close to $9M. I have one deal under contract now. I'm not sure specific names can be mentioned in the forums, but there is a property management software company that provides data on owners. Of course there is a cost, but it's worth it to find deals. Second, I direct mail to owners as well. Reach out if you have specific questions.