Commercial land, how do research options?

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This is a pretty specific question, but if anyone can answer it im sure its someone here.

How could i research what type of building to put on a commercial lot?  Im sure there are pros and cons of having offices, a strip mall, gas station, or resteraunt etc on a property.  Or maybe most commercial leases pay similarly?  Most information Im finding is about residential investments/ flipping/ developing.  

@Michael Ruszala You should check to see how the land is zoned first. Following that you will have to commission market studies, feasibility plans and common sense to realize what to build where. E.g. industrial zones might not be the best place to build SFRs or upscale strip malls. 

If you don't have experience in development, I would suggest finding someone experienced this is a highly risky venture. Brokers, municipal authorities, etc will be able to provide you information but that's just a start.

Omar is correct. 

1. Find out what the subject properties zoning designation is. 

2. Go to the local county property appraisers website and navigate to zoning descriptions.

There you will find what is allowable.

Good luck