Commercial Hard Money lender

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I wanted to see if there are any commercial hard money lenders that lend in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  I have come across a deal that is a 13 unit apartment and the rent roll is $6,615 a month X12 ($79,380 annually).  There is an upside because the owner is paying the water and all of the units are separate besides 3 units which are 1 bedrooms.  The owner also pays the electric for 4 units because it can not be split.    The mix is (9) 2-bedrooms and (4) 1-bedroom.   If anyone could refer a commercial hard money lender that lend out for multifamily apartments 5+ units or greater it will be greatly appreciated. 

I'm in a similar situation where all utilities are paid by the landlord. I had a plummer and electrician come out and got so crazy quotes. I kept going back and fourth on what to do and finally decided, I'm going to raise rent and just advertise as all inclusive utilities. I'm ok with tenants leaving because rents are low and this gives me an opportunity to renovate one by one. I'm also looking for a HML and Its been difficulty. Mainly because of Covid. I did find one lender (Stratton Equities) They have a prepayment penalty within the first 7 years, interest rates is like 8% and I have to bring 20% to the table. It would be ideal to have some options. Any suggestions would be appreciated.