Allentown PA Property Management

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I am new to property management and would like to know what the avg Management fee % is in the Allentown PA market.

Is it 5%? 10%? more?

Also, any other ways to make money as a property manger besides the basic management fee? Thanks and happy investing

Hi Eli,

The searches I had made few months ago gave me a range between 7% and 10% to which you need to add various fees depending on the company for new leases, eviction, termination etc.

Considering all fees I had estimated that this could amount to a 10% - 16% range.

I agree 7 to 10% is about right for a management fee. Also typically 50% to 1 months rent to find a tenant.  On the fees side, it's a laundry list of potential fees including eviction fees, surcharges, etc.  

For what's it's worth, in Allentown we charge 7% of collected rent and 50% of one months rent to find a tenant. 

Feel free to ping me directly if you have any more questions.