commercial real estate appraiser - training

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All - I am about to start making offers on my first commercial real estate deals. While I have substantial residential real estate experience and have read a lot of commercial real estate books, I feel like I could benefit from some online commercial real state appraisal courses. Do you have any recommendations? I can only find programs to get an appraiser licence which is not my objective here.

@Paolo R.

Check out the Appraisal Institute website. The education is the best commercial RE education available. AI will teach you everything about getting to the NOI but nothing below NOI.

The CCIM courses are also exceptional but different than AI courses. CCIM introduces below the NOI line analysis taking into account debt and taxes since individual investments are based upon below the NOI analysis as each investment/investor is different.

Both organizations provide a wide variety of courses that can help grow your knowledge of a variety of topics depending upon your educational interests.

Another CRE appraisal educational option is the American Society of Appraisers but I don't have any personal experience with those courses.