How to start a REIT

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I want to start my own REIT so I can buy commercial real estate and be able to raise capital by going public. I want to become the President of my own billion dollar corporation through real estate. I would like to hear what you think.


@Gibran Saliba . I think you gotta lay off whatever you’re smoking. I hope you have substantial (millions of dollars) of your own capital to contribute to this idea

@Gibran Saliba  its great that you have big dreams! It seems like anyone who is thinking about investing in the stock market, real estate, etc does.  That being said you might want to start with something small.  Remember we cannot run before we walk.   Don't jump in the deep end before you can tread water!

@Gibran Saliba it's great to have big dreams, nothing wrong with that.

Now what you need to do now is reverse engineer that dream to figure out what you need to do today to make it happen.

The saying goes...The big difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline and accountability.

@Caleb Heimsoth

I don't but I can always come up with a way to get said millions

Wholesale for a bit. Then get some rental properties. Then get more properties until I get to a million in cash flow. #Wealthmindset2019

I don't care that I have to work my *** off for the next decade or two. I am working to improve my life and my family's future.