New property owners in Oklahoma City..thanks to awesome broker!

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Hi fellow investors,

We recently bought our first commercial retail property, in Oklahoma City. I must say the whole transaction was quite a roller coaster ride. I can’t stress enough on the importance of having a great team especially in commercial real estate transactions. Our attorney was a big disappointment and would have caused us much harm, had we not chosen an awesome commercial broker.

I thank the day I googled for commercial brokers in OKC, picked up the phone and called Frank Miskovsky IV 

Frank is a go-getter in the real sense of the word. By just having him on our side we were able to overcome many issues as he provided very wise counsel which ironically our attorney never did. Frank stayed very alert and always was two steps ahead of everyone whenever we faced a hurdle. He guided us right when we had no idea of how to tackle a situation because of our lack of experience. His quick thinking and great negotiation skills even got us to get some work done on the property at the seller’s expense.

The most impressive and probably the rarest of the rare quality that Frank has is his great integrity and ethics. This man, after having spent days working on this transaction actually advised us to back out of the deal if the seller didn’t agree to a certain condition which was saving us from potential big risk and which came up during closing. Not to mention that he successfully got the seller to agree to our condition by negotiating with seller and finding another attorney for us at the 11th hour but the fact that he wanted to ensure that we are well protected even if it meant him losing his commission, is simply commendable.

If you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate in Oklahoma or Texas, you gotta give Frank a call and yes..please thank me later :)

Congratulations on your first commercial property! I'm glad to hear that you guys were able to find someone that had your best interest in mind and provided such great service. Not all brokers are created equal.