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JP Falk
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Co work space for contractors

JP Falk
Posted Jul 6 2019, 14:39

Toying with the idea of developing a project which would be targeted at tradespeople/smaller contractor. Each tenant (or partner, not sure of the structure yet) would have their own office space (approx 200 sq ft), a shared bathroom/shower room, conference room, and kitchen .  There would also be a shared heated garage/workshop space with 14’ ceiling and big overhead door, vehicle hoist.  Outside would be a fenced area with secure keycard access, with a few parking spaces for each company, off loading space for deliveries and a forklift or loader for loading/Unloading trucks.  Probably a 20x40 outside storage space also for each company , inside the fenced compound.  I have a 17 A.C. site I’m looking at which already had the correct zoning and was filled  over the last 20 years with good material.  I originally thought of this as a business version of house hacking , as I run a general contracting firm with 10 employees. We would build the project out and take one of the spots out of 8 total.  There would be no overlap of trades; one sparky, one plumber etc. , Probably a good network effect with cross referrals etc.   Numbers look good

Land purchase.   150k

Build out hard and soft costs. 250k

Total 400k

Lease up numbers

Gross rent     8000

Expenses   3000

Net   5000

ARV (not a ton of comps) but just going off a

10 cap rate I would say  600k

7 cap - 850k 

Though the few comps I could find would be closer to 5-600k

Would do equity take 60% LTV out after lease up so hopefully pull out a good chunk of my cash or set up as LP with 8 shares each one @ 100K ...keep my one share and pull out 650k after legal and closing expenses

If someone approached me with this deal I would probably be all over it if I had all those amenities for 100k , considering rent for a similar space would be 900-1200 right now in my area 

Any feedback or thoughts?

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