What about bad people who own half a town?

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So... not sure really how to say it. But what do you do when you come across or have to deal with a bad commercial landlord. As in this guy and his wife own half the town and the landlord of one of my lawn care clients. I mean they are nasty. The property they mostly work out of is a 7 unit shopping mall he has let go to waste and doesn't even rent out 6 of the units. His store is a small convient store that smells horrendously like cat urine and looks like a horders warehouse. My lawn care client (one of his tenants) has corporate regulations that say they have to have a clean and well maintained property. So I have to trim the trees around the light poles and keep them off them off power lines. The last lawn care pro trimmed the tree and the guy left an eviction notice on my clients door. Not sure what to do. This guy literally own half the town and his property's make this place look like a 3rd world country and hes such a penny pincher he doesn't want to sell anything. I even tried to buy a rusted out 280z off him and he said nothing of his is for sale. His storage facility is over run with weeds and is empty. I've considered asking him how much he would take to take all of his properties off his hands just to see what he'd say.

@Devin Schmelter - I have two thoughts on this:
1) speaking from a constitutional stand-point, it's not your responsibility or business to tell someone how they should run their business. I am a fervent believer that the market will dictate how/if his business will succeed or fail. Saying he's "bad" because you don't agree with how he operates does not make you right.

2) It sounds like there is an opportunity to solve this gentleman's problems. If everyone in the town thinks he's "bad" because he doesn't take care of his properties, there is an opportunity for you to befriend him and learn why he operates that way and maybe his "nothing is for sale" attitude might change if he thinks you're his friend. 

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

@Lucas Miller

I was super frustrated when posting this. I have no idea what their Tennant agreement looks like. I, being the lawn care guy. Being told I have to take care of the trees during winter feel caught in the middle because the last time anyone trimmed the trees the landlord tried evicting my client because they didn't ask permission to trim the trees. I do however like option 2! Even if no one likes him I do like the idea of befriending him. And thanks for the response!