Route to starting a Syndication Business

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I am a senior University student, who truly is obsessed with real estate.
I've read and listened to as much as possible on real estate in the past couple of years including topics such as syndication. I am extremely vested in pursing this career path. I want to do everything I can to learn now and set this future endeavor into motion. 

I would love to know for those who are currently syndicators how you got started and what route you took? 

What do you feel is the best route or routes into the syndication business? (I understand this isn't a one size fits all situation, but what would be the best route if in your opinion you had to choose.) 

What facet of commercial real estate do you feel would best prepare a person for syndication business? (What career out of college would best prepare a person for future syndication business? Commercial loan officer, Commercial broker, Analyst, etc.)

Is there any advice you may have for someone who pursues this career path?

Anything you wish you would have done differently in starting your syndication business?

Thanks in advance for your time for responding to this post.

@Grant Gaffney you should look for a job with a commercial investment and development company and work your way through all positions in the organization. This is the most valuable skillet to have long term. You will learn all aspects of the business working with a developer.

@Grant Gaffney I echo Greg's advice. You're young. You have the time to spend a few years making money and learning all you can from an established real estate company. NETWORK. It will be much easier to do this when you rub elbows with other industry professionals every day. Syndicate a deal or two along the way and then decide when/if to go out on your own.

@Grant Gaffney

I think @Greg Dickerson gave great advice. While looking for such job in the commercial real estate, think of the skills set that you either have or interested in accumulating as you will not be syndicating properties by yourself. Once you identify such skills set, try to get jobs around such skills. This will allow you to determine whether this is truly the skills you want to acquire and potentially if the answer is "No", then try something completely different. 

In addition, I'd highly recommend on working on your personal development. Start with Tony Robbins "Awaken the giant within". Setting up your mindset is just as important as getting educated.

My best!

@Grant Gaffney sounds like you're a fan of commissions. If you're really good at what you do, another way to learn is to invest passively as an LP on large syndications and slowly but surely make it to the GP side of deals.

You could also start by house hacking and when you feel confident and experienced enough, take on family and friend's capital down the road for a larger deal.