Help - Bought a Commercial space with apartments above it

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I'm in out of my comfort zone. I bought a commercial space with apartments above it. The retail space is only about 1000 sq ft and I need help getting it leased. I'm located in Toledo Ohio. I have the 3 apartments above it leased. I just don't know/ what to do or who to reach out to. I think I need a commercial realtor? Any help....or any direction will definitely help. Thank you

Contact a local commercial broker / property manager. Your best bet.

Edit: Not very helpful, i know..... Main reason for commenting is to bump your post.

When i was renting out my SFR, i contacted 10. 8 responded. 6 were interested. 4 i liked. 2 had the pricing i was OK with. 1 got the job.

Im too small time to deal with commercial property (Small time - too broke) If i was in your shoes, i'd contact every PM in town. Just saying.

Good luck bud!

@Tom Brickman I work for Danberry Realtors. Miller Danberry is the commercial arm of our company. If you haven't reached out to them, I'd encourage you to. If you have tried to without a response, DM me with the person you tried to reach and I'll see if I can help out.