Important points to consider in a business plan for bank loan

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You will want to start with a cover letter then attach to a business plan that goes over at least the following:

Mission Statement - including executive summary and financial overview.

Business description - name and location of business, principal owners, legal structure, status and type, definition of products/services, major strengths and challenges, strategic goals and objectives.

Operation Plan - location, physical facility, labor, suppliers.

Market Analysis - industry trends, description of total market, target market, analysis of competition, production/services differentiation.

Sales Strategy - Pricing policy, distribution, promotional efforts.

Management Profile - personal history of key participants, duties and responsibilities of key participants, compensation, available resources.

Financial Analysis - sartup costs, source and use of funds, capital equipment list, income statement projection, monthly cash flow projections and assumptions, balance sheet projections, personal financial statements, personal income tax returns.

It all a numbers game - make sure you present your number truthfully and make sure you educate yourself on every aspect of the business. If your plan isn't detailed enough they will ask for more information or reject it completely.