How to buy my first real estate property?

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How to buy my first real estate property?Should i use my own money?,or Bank money?,or even my parents money?,any one can give me some advice so i can decided what should i do next😁

@Zahid Rossamaji you should use the bank. This way you can leverage your cash and accumulate more properties quicker while also building a track record with the banks which is very important in this business. The more you borrow and make payments on time, payoff loans etc the more you will be able to borrow.

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@Greg Dickerson Ok! I think the best way to buy my first property is borrow to bank,but i must build a good track record.But do you think i should borrow all the payment or just 50%,70% or even 100%? Thanks Btw😁

Depends on the property and income. You should try to use as little of your own cash as possible so you can buy more property. You want to buy properties that will cash flow with only 20-30%% down. This will help you scale quickly.