Looking to buy a building to expand on a new business

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I am looking to buy a building to open a new business that will expand my current business, I am a photographer.

I’m not sure the proper loan needed and if this is possible as I know their are several options for business loans, lines of credit . I have ran numbers, and with rehab (estimating high at about $75 a square foot with a building lot size of 3,823 sq foot) we are looking at a rehab of more than likely around 200k plus as a figure, this is zoned for M-1 currently.

The building is $390k, my main concern is making sure we have our numbers as spot on as possible (I know numbers can change once renovations began) as this is would be my very first investment property without completely being in over our heads. As a recap looking for insight on the best mode of action to take for writing an offer (hoping to negotiate for less) and the best loan for this deal. Thank you!

You need to shop several local and regional banks to find the best rates and terms for your project. They are all different.

You can talk to some commercial GCs that specialize in interior fit ups to give a ball park idea of cost. Once you get complete plans and specs you can get a guaranteed turn key price from the GC you decide to go with.