Is there Realestate Mentors in the Chicago Area ?

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@Steven Allen Jr A lot depends on your financial situation and ability to start investing. 

You could start a business and use profits to invest.

Start by educating yourself. Attend REI meetups and events and network with other investors.

You can also start by investing passively, do a JV or hire a mentor to train you.

Originally posted by @Steven Allen Jr:

How do I escape the Rat race and become wealthy?

Escaping the rat race is easy. Just stop racing. Stop being a rat. Stop craving all the material things people crave and be satisfied with less.

But that is not what you are asking. You are asking how to win the rat race and win now. That is not so easy as they make it sound on late night tv.

Most people will tell you if your primary goal is simply being wealthy, you are much less likely to achieve it. Find meaningful work and be great at it. Then it won't feel like a rat race and you will likely be well-compensated. Again, this is easier said than done also. Can't say that I have achieved it.

Good Luck.

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