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Hi @Kartik Tri !  Arrey Wa!  Already moving into commercial space?  Great work, sir!  The best resource I can think of for commercial multifamily investments is:  The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy.

As far as other commercial investments go, I think large metros will have fruitful REIA meeting with people who are highly successful in non-residential commercial investing.

Good luck, Kartik!

Originally posted by @Kartik Tri :

Any good resources, recommendations, websites, training seminars?

I have some resident investments want to dip my toe in the commercial space

Do you know what kind of 'commercial space' you are wanting to get into? I'd read everything you can with regards to commercial to help you develop your own thesis so to speak.

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Lots of podcasts available:

The BP podcast

Joe Fairless - Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Kevin Bupp - Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow

Peter Harris - Commercial Property Advisers

Jake & Gino - Wheelbarrow Profits

Spencer Taylor - The Commercial Connection 


I have lots of content on my podcast and YouTube channel about  commercial, multifamily and development. You can find them on my website.

@Kartik Tri

There are actually ton of resources. I have a whole library of books. Feel free to PM me for the link. Also, a bunch of podcasts such as by Jake & Gino, Joe Fearless, Rod Khleif, Michael Blank. Also join the REI meetups.