What is the rezoning cost in wake county nc?

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Originally posted by @Yung Hung:

Hello all,

Anyone familiar with what cost I should factor in on wake county nc if I need to do rezoning?



I will answer with questions. Have you talked to WC Planning? If not, you need to because your $X,000 costs will most likely be rejected unless you are a RE development attorney or have successfully gone through the process. The process is like some other NC counties SUP (Special Use Permit) process where you'll need to meet with the WC Planning people, pre-submittal, then go through all the public notices for adjacent property, cross reference to UDO, get expert witnesses (depending on what you are doing) to defend your case, detailed maps, etc., and then get shouted down at the public hearing. Fun stuff. I've done SUP w/o an attorney twice, both bottom tier (#1 of 3 tier) counties (via NC Commerce rankings) and I think I'd pay an attorney to try rezoning or SUP in any county not a #1 tier. If you go solo, I'd recommend  talking to county Planning and the county Economic Development team(s) to find allies. A lot harder in tier #2 and #3 counties. 

The main WC Planning/zoning/petition page has details with checklist.... 

Good lick. 

To expand on what @Chris Martin wrote, our developer in Wake County, specifically the City of Raleigh, has gone through numerous submittals and rejections, all using a very experienced local attorney, and it took over two years to successfully get through the ordeal. Also, good luck with the public hearing!

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