Were can I learn to invest into real estate commercial?

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Define invest in commercial real estate. Tons of asset classes within that space and all are different.

Are you accredited status? Are you looking to own something directly or invest a smaller amount with a syndicate sponsor?

Commercial usually takes more cash to invest. Most minimums 25,000 for sponsors to invest and must be accredited. Some allow non-accredited but not many. To buy on your own typically for a decent asset need 500,000 as a down payment. 

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Originally posted by @Timothy Morales:

Hello I’m new to the community I need to learn how to invest into real estate commercial any ideas were I can pick up the education I’m from Dallas TX

There are numerous resources out there, but the best will depend on your personal situation. To start with: are you and Accredited. or non-accredited investor? That makes a big difference as far as the offerings you will have access to and where it makes sense to start.