3 Story Self Storage Architech

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I am currently looking into self storage and was curious if anyone would have an architects they would recommend. We have already completed a feasibility study on our market. We are bulding 3 story building with 72000 gross square foot. I contacted Betco but they do only structural drawing only.

This is our first time venturing into self storage and was curious if more seasoned investors in this space recommend using local architects or would they recommend using a firm that specializes in self storage units? If you do suggest using a firm that specializes in this market do you have any recommendations?

I would recommend you go with an architect that does these types of projects. If you can find one in your area all the better but not required. You do want a local civil engineer to do site plan and entitlement process but Architect can be anywhere.

Thanks Greg.I have local Civil engineer. I am looking for architech with some background in self storage buildings. I don't want to go with architech those who did not build any self storage.  

You could always just call a local architect and ask if they know any (pick one you know that doesn't do them). They usually are pretty god at knowing other architects in the area and are fine referring out work that doesn't meet what they do. 


Where are you planning to build? There are a few that I can name off the top of my head.....Bruce Jordan, Ariel Valli, Danika Dallam, RHAA, Mark Price, Pat Pillot.....depends on where you are, but also most of these folks can do work nationwide. It just makes it easier working with someone in your own timezone.

Howdy. I am an architect that does quite a bit of three story self storage across the nation. I highly recommend you find an architect that has experience in this exact type of construction. It is super different than typical construction and I have seen architects that cause a bunch of extra headaches (and cost) because they don't know what they are doing. I am pretty sure that most architects that specialize in self storage will get a license in a new state for a project. Rabco is another pretty major metal building supplier that works on the east coast that might be a good group to talk with. Send me a PM if you have any other questions.

Bilpin, all the architects that Terry Campbell suggested are in the Self Storage Space.  We have experience with Bruce Jordan and RHAA, so I can definitely recommend you include them in your potential candidates.