Beginner Real Estate agent and investing

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@Alaire Krueger The key is education and on the job experience. The best thing to do as a realtor would be to join the top brokerage or team in your market that focuses on the type of property you want to specialize in. Learn everything you can, immerse yourself in the market, the business and financing. Find investors to work with and learn from, make as much money as possible then invest the cash into your own deals.

@Alaire Krueger

If you have a lot of time, exploring both isn't a bad idea. But if you are strapped for time or already have another job, I would recommend focusing one first (either becoming an agent or investing). Growing your proficiency and making traction will require a considerable investment in terms of time and energy for either path forward so doing both at once may slow your progress IF you have a lot going on already.

Alaire having FOCUS is key.

Map out a long term destination and then plan for the smaller steps in between at shorter intervals. Having specific goals with action steps tend to generate the best results.