How to become foreclosure certified in GA

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I just received my real estate license and decided I would like to specialize in foreclosures here in Atlanta. Can anyone recommend where I would go to do that and how much it would cost? I am 19 years old and have been an acquisitions specialist since last year. I have a little trouble getting clients because of my age and inexperience. Any advice?

Are you trying to sell properties to investors or buy them for yourself?

Where is your principal broker to help guide you? If you want to learn residential REO from a broker/agent standpoint then need to make sure you are at a brokerage that focuses on that.

Residential REO is typically highly cyclical depending on the real estate cycle. Not a lot of residential foreclosures right now nationally. With the upcoming election it's doubtful there will be a lot of them as to keep the mass voters various parties will likely want protections against foreclosing on homeowners.

Hard to comment further without knowing specifically what you are trying to do.   

@Joel Owens , sorry I forgot to mention. It's mostly for myself. I am not a full-time agent but would like to be familiar with this process for future investments and projects. I was thinking that I could join KW for the first year (for the training), then see how it goes?