Commercial land with transmission lines running through them?

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I am wondering about your thoughts on the use of commercial land, adjacent to a freeway exit, but the caveat is that there is transmission power line easements through much of the property. From my experience, any structure which is temporary is fine, such as greenhouses, storage buildings on skids, and lean to's for equipment. 

I have to make this decision pretty quick and I have a number of ideas going in my head. It is fairly large in size, enough to where I know I can put at least one permanent building on the lot. This spot gets an incredible amount of traffic. I would be looking to run my own business out there, whatever that may be. 

What would you do? Let's say it is 90% easement. It has been on the market for years, and I can almost get this lot for free.

We have a similar property, and that is what we have on it. We have a few storage units on skids but we put a fence around the perimeter (utility has a gate code) and we use it for boat and RV parking. 

I'm working on final design on one here in SoCal like that, it's a propsoed RV and Mini storage facility. The storage building will have three levels of climate controlled units, and the remainder of the site is paved for outdoor trailer/RV/boat type storage. Look at the easement itself to see what it says about rights and improvements. Easements are like any other contract and are subject to whatever terms the two parties could agree to.