SoCal Buyer Requirement - +/- $5.75MM

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I have an upcoming 1031 requirement in Southern California for approximately $5.75MM. This would be for late Q1 / early Q2 2021. Looking for stabilized assets. If you are planning an exit or have an upcoming sale, please keep this requirement in mind

Matt, we are in process on a 6.2 CAP (to investor) stable asset with a fortune 100 tenant through 2030. We do private equity placements within our investments but in this case would consider a TIC arrangement as the asset is nearly identical to your requirement. We'd assure you're whole on your fees. Happy to chat.

Hi @Matthew Mazur . Congrats. Feel free to reach out to me when the time is right. I may know of opportunities. In the meantime, if you can't find anything, there are DST's out there that take large chunks of 1031 proceeds and invest in stabilized assets. Some over $100mm total.