Upcoming Calif casino, will it cause RE to skyrocket?

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Do the experts here think the real estate values will explode with the arrival of a casino in Madera, CA? I have non Real estate people around me, who don't think anything of it. but I think this is going to make Madera, and the entire central California skyrocket! Am I right? Or am I crazy?

There’s one land parcel I am just drooling over. It’s a 15.7 acre lot on Avenue 18, Madera. It is smack wedged in between the casino and Freeway 99. What a location!

Can the professional give me an opinion please?

I’ve never done this before. But I think this is an excellent opportunity.

Thanks all in advance. Thank goodness for bigger pockets Platform. I have learned so much over the years. Truly grateful.

@Sara Lung not really, and speculating on commercial real estate is a whole different ball game and can be extremely risky, but in general it won't have much of an affect, casinos are pretty common and are all over in my area and don't have an impact on surrounding values.

@Sara Lung I certainly don't think you're crazy!

However...@Aaron K. makes a lot of sense that it would just be "speculation."  The Cache Creek casino is near me and it is out in the middle of nowhere with literally no development around it at all.  Casinos tend to be very self-sufficient since people go there to gamble, drink, and spend the night.

For every 1 person relocating to CA, 2 people are leaving CA. I would not want to be overly invested in any market in California, especially not the central valley.... I went to school in Stockton.... Grew up in Sacramento... Glad to be on to greener pastures. 

And I agree with @Alex S.  casinos are very self sufficient. Vegas is a ghost town, their economy might never recover. Months with gablers being unable to fuel their gambling addiction on the strip could very much break many cycles... In person gabling might never receover, especially in these small casino projects.