What fee is appropriate for Commercial Syndication

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I would like to go into commercial investments and being the the syndicator. More specifically, I am looking into Triple Net Leases investments. What is the appropriate income percentage to be taken for the investment work?

My job as a syndicator would be everything related to the acquiring of the property, collecting the investment funds, getting a mortgage to maximize return and anything else that may come up.

Any advise or direction would be appreciated.


There are a ton of ways you can structure fees. Are you planning on managing the property as well? Sponsor's usually have a preferred return with a promote. Ex: 7% pref with a 80/20 split in favor of LPs on the cash flow or sales proceeds above the pref. However, you can get creative with fee structure depending on the deal. A good way to learn would be to read the PPMs of other similar Sponsors.