developing vacant land for service station

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could anyone elaborate on what is involved in developing an uncleared parcel of land to build a gas station/convenience store?
the land is currently zoned Agricultural and the area across the street is zoned Agricultural overlayed by Planned urban development.

I know there are plans for future residential developments in the same area (SFH's starting at $400k)and I also know that the closest store or gas station is at least a 15-20 mile drive for the current residents in the area.

Right now there are about 150 SFH's in the area, nothing else close by and only one road leading in/out of the neighborhood so i'm sure a service station/store/fast food joint would make a nice profit there. I'm just not sure how to go about getting the ball rolling.

what would it take to develop something like that, are there grants or loans available for someone just starting out?

spoke to a commercial real estate broker friend of mine and he explained it this way. "The first thing you need to decide is, are you in the gas station business or the RE business. Most people will sell the site or ground
lease it to the operator, who has the systems in place the run the
business. Zoning, cub cuts, traffic counts and demographics will dictate
the value of the site for a gas station. "

so i had been thinking about it all wrong, what I'm really wanting to do is purchase a vacant parcel, clear it and lease it to a service station business. that way I dont have to become the business owner but i continue to maintain a cash flow from the lease on the property.