Cooking Tenants - Grease Problems?

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I own a strip mall right outside of Chicago, and have been renting out to 3 different restaurants within the strip.  This is my first property, and time renting to cooking tenants.  My first time getting up on the roof since they've begun renting, and there's greases and fats all over the place. It smells and looks horrible. Not to mention i'm noticing rips in the roof.  Could they be caused by this grease?

I've never dealt with this before, and really don't know what to do! Any help or suggestions would be great!

@Max Schroeder - I'd look to get a building inspector or roofing contractor out there as soon as you can.  I've never heard of grease causing rips, but I am sure the heat can do some serious damage.  Typically if there is a restaurant they are required to have the black commercial grade ducts for ventilation, not just the standard HVAC ducts.

Also, has the building ever been inspected by the health and safety inspector?  Not sure if that would cause more problems than good but just another idea.

@Max Schroeder is the grease coming from exhaust or from the plumbing? I would be concerned that you may have a clogged stack that is pushing grease and waste onto the roof potentially.