Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer Q's

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Forgive me if there is already a post about this kind of stuff. Please point me in the right direction if one does exist. I'm looking to connect with a commercial real estate loan officer to discuss the requirements/specifics of purchasing a commercial property. Both retail and residential. Thank you!

Hi Steve, I'm don't know if you received my earlier reply or not. I included my email address, which I now understand is a no-no on this site. Ooops! Anyway, I'm a 20+ year veteran CRE lender by career, turned CRE Broker. I'm happy just to provide guidance. Let me know how.

Hi Steve,

Residential and commercial loans are different Universes.

Mortgage brokers are not (catch all's) for various types of loans. Some do that but most specialize. Like I specialize as a commercial real estate broker with NNN investments.

Also size of the deal matters also versus your liquidity and net worth along with annual income from job or business and your global cash flow from all sources.

You might want to check around and then decide on working exclusively with someone.