Podcast recommendation for NNN?

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Hi Carrie,

I will start my podcast up again sometime in the future. Right now there are shows to listen to. I stay very, very busy and I am also writing a NNN book right now.

To put on a consistent show takes a tremendous amount of work. The hardest part is that I want high quality guests and we both have very busy schedules and hard to line up all the time and sometimes can take months to put together.

I am thinking I might do more of a freestyle on here where I answer questions with a video a few times a week for BP members etc.  

I will have to get my marketing team to take a look at it. I did so many shows and then became so busy. I found it easier for me to go on other shows and talk for 1 hour about NNN because I just show up for it and they do everything else.

When I do the show you have to coordinate the show, record the show, edit the show before going live. There is a lot to it.

With writing a book, buying properties myself, working with clients buying properties it keeps me busy full time. I am going to start it back up soon but I would have to have my team plan everything and I just show up to record the 1hr and that's it they do the rest. I don't have time for anything else.