Looking for a Commercial Lender in Wisconsin

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My business partner and I own several buildings / businesses in the Madison WI area. We have 2 purchases for business + associated real estate under contract totaling $11M purchase price and we can bring 10-20% equity. These businesses are doing better than break-even on day 1, are less than a 1.2 DSCR as-is, but have significant upside with proper management. Most existing staffing will remain in place but we will be replacing / assisting some of the management. We've been working with local banks for past purchases but they said that they are unable to loan on hairy deals right now and/or do not loan in the geographical region. We are looking for a new commercial lender who'd be willing to make our loans at 80-85% bank financing. Ideally this loan would be Interest Only for 12-24 months and then we could refinance / balloon. We'd be happy to discuss terms to make the lender comfortable. Does anyone know of any banks lending to experienced investors in Wisconsin for deals with some complexity / challenges?

Hey Mark - I can get you in touch with one of our commercial lenders.  I'm at Grand Ridge National Bank based out of the Chicago suburb of Wheaton.  We lend in Wisconsin and we do a lot of complex/challenging deals.  Send me your info and I'd be happy to connect.  Let me know.