Pre Foreclosure on Zillow

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hey Family. I have a question for those in the know. I see "Pre Foreclosure " houses on Zillow and wonder if there is a way to contact owners or somebody to see about purchase. 

Thanks and hope this is not a stupid question. Tom & Roni. 

Hi Tom,

Yes, there is. You can pull title on the properties. The problem is, they've probably already been contacted by the people who buy the pre-NOD lists or the other people who found the property on Zillow as soon as it hit. Not to say you can't find deals but by the time it's hit Zillow it's probably already gone through a few layers of investors.

Best of luck!


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@Tom Keith Your options for more information include:

  • Finding the NOD at the county recorder. The notice will contain most of what you need.
  • Asking your title company for a copy of the NOD.
  • And of course, Zillow, would like you to use their service to contact one of their foreclosure agents. I know the product manager at Zillow responsible for this service and they do work hard to screen agents they offer these leads to, to try to make sure they know how to look more information, how to contact owners, etc.

@Eric Black From my experience it isn't usually the first person that knocks on the door that gets the deal. Especially on NOD's. With foreclosures now taking 1-4 years to go to sale from the first NOD, most owners know they've got nothing but time and that it rarely makes sense to walk away from a year or more of free rent. I actually think being as late as possible in the process is best. One of the best is after the NTS, and after a motion for relief from bankruptcy stay.

@Tom Keith Note that there are services that provide more detailed information on properties in foreclosure than Zillow as well, including owner name and address. I provided a list of the more popular services in my post above, but the moderator removed it, so you'll have to figure it out on your own.