Need help finding info on a neighbor (potential flip)

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BP Team, 

I currently am living on Long Island, and renovated my house to the point where I am very happy with the turnout.  However, when we bought the house we have a neighbor that we were told was 7-8 years behind on their mortgage.  The wife was separated from her husband who stopped paying the mortgage and went into foreclosure, he died and the house was left to his wife (who lives in the house) and now she's in foreclosure or so I hear and the house has completely fallen apart.  The backyard is overgrown and the house essentially is a steal in our neighborhood if I can somehow find a way to get it. 

We did some research and the information is:
8 Saylor Place, Halesite, NY, 11743
Lis Pendens #:1041526

How do I go about finding where the house is in the foreclosure process and how I can try to make an offer on the home with the bank?

You may can find the status, or how far along the foreclosure is, online.  Call your county clerk/registrar office there and ask.  If not, you'll have go in person and review the file.  The bank doesn't own the house yet so they can't sell it.  If it's upside down it will be a short sale and you'll need an experienced short sale agent.  If it has equity, get a pay off figure and just buy it.

@Wayne Brooks  

How do I go about finding the details online?  Do you have any websites that I can use to research this?

Call the Clark's office, or try

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