2012-C Property Holdings LLC

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Anybody heard of this group? They are holding a TON of homes (foreclosures) in Tarrant County, Tx (Fort Worth). In the neighborhood of 100 homes. How did they aquire them? Buy pools from banks? Auction?

Obviously, contacting them is out of the question, but has anyone delt with these folks before? I think I've read that it's a hedge fund. Market is getting good here in the Metroplex...any chance of them unloading these properties or what their process is for doing that?

I get the feeling I'm barking up a real tall tree.


'Doh! Should have done a little more research. They're renting these properties out.  Awesome.

I think it may be a holding company for Bank of America's REO's

Originally posted by @Tyler H.:

I think it may be a holding company for Bank of America's REO's

Just holding until the market gets better to unload? I thought I saw an ad for one of the homes for rent, but it may have been junk.  I thought about driving by one if I could find one by the office to see if it's vacant or not.

Thanks for the help! I'm new at this stuff, so excuse my lack of knowledge!

Add: Yup, they're renting out through CW Sparks Management.

I was reading how hedge funds are trying to profit off of all the foreclosures. Oh well...

They are not a hedge fund. They are a group of investors who went out in the neighborhood looking for homes for sale, and they fix them up and rent them out.

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