Pre-Foreclosure Letter Template?

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Hi BP!

Does anyone have a Pre-Foreclosure Letter Template? Or suggestions on what to write? I plan on doing a yellow letter campaign in my area.

Thanks in advance!


Are you familiar with the newish federal laws concerning contacting those notified for foreclosure, the license requirements to "assist" one in FC? I suggest your letter not mention the F word and act like you have no clue they are heading there, just to CYA, send the same letter to several neighbors so you're not targeting these folks. ;)

Hi Mark,

The best way I have found to engage a pre foreclosure homeowner is to mail a post card and direct them to a website for an offer.

[REMOVED] is a site I made and use from time to time when I am marketing to preforeclosures.  Obviously you can name your site whatever you want.  The post card has a Report ID they enter along with other details I want to collect.  (Keep it simple you already have their information.  I then present an offer that is 90% of the max offer I would be willing for that home in average condition (standard disclaimer For your property I may be willing to pay may for your property this amount  is based on a  a property in average to poor condition and is not a final purchase price until I have viewed the property in person. (+standard disclaimers.)

A link to schedule meeting / Request more information. 

My response rate is easily 10 - 20 Times higher than letter and call me direct mail campaigns.  Give it a shot I set up the entire platform for a $200

Good luck,


Bill I just searched and didn't find the legislation you mentioned.  I am aware of Washington State's legislation but not a federal law.  Please post the legislation link.  



@Mark Bookhagen  

@Bill Gulley  is correct on more than he may be aware, although he is probably the forum expert on this kinda thing. IMHO you should stick to a generic letter about buying a home and not the situation the seller may be in. 

The reality is that a motivated seller only cares that you want to buy a house. And if you are going to mention the "F" word mention in a way that implies that you buy from all kinds of folks. Then list a few of the types of folks. Key word is BUY.

What you do not want to do is send a letter that implies that you are offering a mortgage solution. Stay as are away as you can from any mention of loans and foreclosure assistance. 

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Absolute great advice about not mentioning foreclosure or any reference to their current situation.  In my opinion, it's the equivalent of saying hello and slapping them in the face.  It just doesn't move the conversation forward.

That aside Id still like the link for the legislation.  Washington state has some ridiculous laws when purchasing a pre-fpreclosure.  Example must have a certified appraisal before ever discussing a purchase AND you may offer no less than 80% of the appraised value.  Crazy stuff, just want to read what the feds are up to.  



Awesome advice Mike

When I did NOD letter campaigns, it was important to know the timeline of the target. Some states have faster foreclosure processes than others. Missouri is 30 days from initial public posting, which meant that by the time the letter hit the house, I was down to 25 days. Just like other letter campaigns, a consistent message, sent a few times, is an important consideration. In my 30 day window, I started with a four letter campaign and ended up with a 3 letter campaign. It is true, response rate increases after the first contact.

Knowing your timeline and solution will help you tailor the right campaign.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

In the template letter that is provided by NAR for reaching out to Pre-Foreclosure folks (, they specifically mention Foreclosure and the persons situation. Note, this is the national association - not a specific state. Given the legal review they put this stuff through, I would think it is good to go. As always, your mileage may vary.


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