Columbus Ohio Clerk Filings

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Prior to moving to Columbus in 2008, I consisting visited my county court house every afternoon (I worked across the street ) to review the days foreclosure filings. I was able to glean tremendous information regarding original loan amounts, foreclosure amounts, locations, etc.

Does anyone do this in their area? Anyone in the Columbus area do this? If not, would this be a potential service or partnership opportunity?

I'm in the process of selling my first rental. I ran into some issues from the City that I wasn't made aware of when I bought last December. With it being my first investment I didn't have the reserve funds to make the improvements (10-20k). However, now I'm motivated to get my losses back and get back into the game again.

Thoughts would be welcomed.


@Lee Foster I have a friend that makes frequent visits to the courts. PM me.

@Richelle T. sry, just joined BP about 2 weeks ago. Not sure how to PM via the phone app?


Just wanted to say hello and welcome to BP.  I'm in the Westerville area as well.  

Just out of curiosity are you looking for deals in Westerville?  Or in the greater Columbus area? 


That must have been nice to live right across the street and stroll on over everyday!  Not a bad idea!

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