cleaning ducts worth it?

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Long story short.Bought a multifamily forclosure built in 2001 previous owner had up to 30 dogs and 20 cats. 

I scheduled to have the ducts cleaned but after reading more info online , research suggested that cleaning the ducts has not proven effective in reducing smell or allergies.  I was quoted $450 for the procedure. House is on slab, ducts are under the slab.

We have fixed the flooring which has fixed most of the smell. My wife, one month old daughter, and I will be living in the main unit as our primary residence.

Has anyone had this done and had objective results? Is it worth the cost? 

I've never had it done. I would think air filters would be enough.  You may want to bleach the subfloor and possibly paint it if there was carpet and that many animals.

I have ripped out all of the laminate, as that was the worst treated it is enzymes, vinegar and water scrub, then sealed with BIN primer. Also sealed all the walls with oil based killz. Furnace has not been ran since I have fixed these things I just don't want to reintroduce anything with the furnace.

I probably wouldn't bother but it couldn't hurt to have the ducts cleaned I suppose.

I would suggest painting the wall, changing the blinds, and replacing all carpet with wood/laminate.  The last option may be pricey, but the long-term benefits generally out-weigh the short-term costs.

Aaron, have you checked your ducts to get an idea of what's in there?  Maybe just reach down into a return...  Cheers 

I have checked the ducts as much as I could and used a shop vacation to get at anything I could reach.there was some dust and hair. I pulled the cover off of the furnace and saw more dust and some pet hair. Which is to be expected to a certain degree.

I think I will cancel having the cleaning done and turn the furnace on to see what happens.

My wife and I recently bought a home and noticed that some of the ducts (especially the return) were filthy, we got the whole house (Ducts, Returns, and even out dryer exhaust vent) done for about $170. FYI our new house is 2900sq/ft. I would look around and see if you cant get a better price on getting this done, we found the guy who did ours on Yelp.

It may not have saved us a bunch of money on cooling but it gave us peace of mind after was say dog hair and black stuff in the return to the point where the stainless steel was not even visible.

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