Terminology - Tax Sale vs Court House Steps

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Does the phrase "I have bought most of my properties on the Court House Steps" basically mean that the properties where bought at a County Tax Sale?

A lot of the Counties dates between tax sales are at least a few months and yet I have just read two articles about "Court House Steps" auctions happening every day... Is there a difference here?

Still learning :)

Depending on the state &/or county, tax sales & foreclosures may all be conducted via Courthouse steps auction.

In Dallas, the proceedings have moved indoors, but there's still a tax sale on Texas Tuesday.

Just be sure you know what kind of auction it is and what you're bidding on.

@Steve Preston  

  court house steps generally denotes buying foreclosure as the Crier will conduct the sale literally on the court house steps.. Tax sales now a days are held on line or in doors in one of the rooms in the court house.

In Texas, the tax code reads that the sale must take place on the courthouse steps. This is a tax deed auction. The code does not specify which set of steps, so depending on the county, it could be the stairs to the basement (Dallas County), an sub courthouse (annex) like in Collin County, or on the front steps leading to the main entrance (several counties do this). The sale must be held on the first Tuesday of the month. A lot of times trustees will conduct their sale at the same time and place in hopes of getting additional bids on the properties they are selling.

Other states hold their sales in accordance with their laws, and how they are interpreted by that counties attorneys. Each state has a different set of rules, regulations, procedures and sale dates. So yes it could possibly be that a sale on the courthouse steps is occurring every day, somewhere throughout the US.

In Collin County it is important to remember that Tax Auctions are held at the main Court House.  Lender Foreclosures are held at the Annex next door.

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