DuPage County Sheriff's Sales Experience?

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Does anyone have experience in Sheriff sales for properties located in DuPage County? Specifically anyone who has purchased in the last 12 months.

the prices went so high lately, so in my opinion it is hard to find a deal. Stay away from occupied properties since you can't get rid occupant for at least 90 days before start eviction process ( new law ) I'm going thru this right now and it is very very frustrating.

@Woytek Niemiec  Are the prices being bid up too high by investors, or is the starting bid too high?

starting bids are usually way over ARV, but you have to monitor it sometimes you can find something interesting. Auctions are every Tuesday and Thursday in DuPage jail building and day before after 3 PM you can see asking prices.

Here is the link:


I had been to Sheriff sale auctions couple of times but seems very difficult to find something. Especially,  because they put the opening bid just one day before the auction day.

I've a question for Woytec though.   I was wondering about how to do the title check and confirm if it is free of any liens/clear title?? Would you be able to provide some guidance with regard to do title search and the next steps after you win the bid??? 

Would appreciate your inputs.


see link 


You can search personally or online. I prefer personally. After you win a bid you have to pay for the property with certified check till 1 PM next day plus 119$ court fee. I would check the property before you bid on it. If property is occupied they can stay 90 days since you give them 90 days notice, before you can start eviction process ( in DuPage county takes usually 6 to 8 weeks ) You can try pay them to leave but usually doesn't work since they know how long they can stay for free. In that case your process to obtain a property can be up to 5 months so keep this in mind.

Thanks Woytek!

I tried it online and it was overwhelming for me since there is lots of information. I had been there in person also but they didn't answer my specific question and advised me to check it online using the computers there.  May be, I didn't ask the right question or didn't approach the right person. Can you provide some inputs regarding what what exact question we ask and to whom/where??  

Will appreciate your advise.


@Steve Thanks for this useful link and putting all info together at one place. Seems very informative!

@Kumar Paj as you already know most of Du Page county clerks are not very helpful ( at least from my experience ) they behave like you disturbing their own personal time. So you have to know exactly what you want.

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