bought a property from and..

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i bought a property off and after the sale was approved i went to the property to see who's living there, the person opens the door and says I'm the deceased owners relative and i will not leave until i am physically evicted.. how long should the eviction process take for me?

property is in ILLINOIS

Hurry up and get with an eviction attorney and start the process.

Good luck!!!!!  

Even though the person said they won't leave, you might try offering them money to move (cash for keys). Might work out for both of you. From your standpoint it would probably cost less and would certainly be quicker. 

@Kyle J.  great advice. I would look at comparable rentals and give them 2 months "rent" to leave. Basically 1st month and a security deposit. I remember someone else told me to offer money and I tried it with a tenant who was not paying and the eviction process just started. I posted a 3 days notice and along with it wrote a hand written letter offer 1 months rent to leave within 3 days, explained myself and said that I would give them the money once there stuff was moved out. It worked and they left without incident. 700.00 well spent 

You can file a forcible detainer at the county for typically less than $110 in filing fees plus the cost of sheriff service which is between $50-85 depending on county abc the location within it.
After service is confirmed offer a few thousand cash for keys. Typically we start at $2500 and negotiate lower the longer than want to stay.
Sometimes they just leave on their own regardless.

Are you planning on flipping the place or renting it out?  If you're planning on renting it out, would this person be your tenant?  Or do you automatically want them out?

I plan on flipping it. Let's see I'll try offering him cash for keys... 

I know this post was over a year ago, but I'm curious about how this situation ended up for you?

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