Concrete in the sewer

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I'm buying my second property, a foreclosed house from Fannymae. I just found out there is concrete in the sewer line roughly 20 inches from the toilet. The seller offered 5k off the price but my first quote to get it fixed was 8k. I asked my agent to see if we can get the full 8k but I'd really like the seller to fix it and keep the price as is.

Does anyone here have any experience or reconditions for this situation?


@Robert Perry   i am a master plumber,i would get as many offers as possible,you should be able to fix much cheaper

good luck

Thank you @Mark Brogan  

I will do exactly that. I don't know if it makes a difference but that quote included cutting up and replacing part of the driveway.

Also, I already signed a contract to lease out my current house so I "get" to live with in laws for a bit of this lengthens the time before I can move in or the deal falls though...  

I would rather do any repairs than have a seller do them.  At least I know what is being done.

I agree that the price sounds high.

Why don't you get 3 bids and if they're truly that high submit them to the seller and try and get full credit for the repairs. It's not like they will take your birthday away. Worst case they counter higher. Or tell you to kick rocks. And at that point if the numbers don't work walk away. Just my .02 cents

@Robert Perry  with a muratic acid and a jetter you may get through it. We have run into this on new builds before, and only had to cut up the floor once. Is it pvc or cast iron plumbing. A word of caution muratic acid is a dangerous chemical that one should know how to use before attempting. 

I know this is a really old post. But I have a question. We are contractors of a new home. We recently found out a sink would not drain. Whose financinally responsibe to drill into the floor and fix the plumbing? Is it the Plumber who should have sealed up his pipes when conctrete was being poured or the concrete subcontractors who may have allowed the concrete get into the rough in plumbing pipes? 

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