Just closed on my first HUBZU!

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I was a little concerned that I was in for a nightmare after reading some threads here.  All in all it was pretty smooth.  I had been bidding on this particular property for 3 months and finally got it for 30K less than I had bid 2 months ago.  It's a very good deal and I intend to have it back on the market in 2 weeks. 

Congrats @Cheryl C. ! Two week turn-around is very fast - must be a great deal!

Any Hubzu tips/tricks you can recommend? 

@Jonathan Makovsky

I got my advice here at BP.  I put in a back-up bid and the other person flaked.  I can't remember who here at BP was talking about getting properties via a back-up bid, but it worked out for me.

I got a condo (built 2005) that needs very little (paint, laminate, carpet and replacement of a couple of fogged windows).  I think one of the reasons that it went so low is that it was listed as a one-bedroom when it is a two-bedroom.  I checked tax records (as I always do) for square footage, beds, baths, etc.   Anyone comping out one-bedrooms would have passed on it as there is a 100-120K difference in price between a 1/ and a 2/1.


Good luck on your renovations timeframe

@Jenkins Ramon

Thanks Jenkins!  I took my contractor through last week (pre-close) and gave him the keys today when he stopped by with carpet and flooring samples.  I've put him under the gun before.  I want this "on" asap - before the summer lull sets in.

@Cheryl C.

Thanks for sharing your story. At last encouraging thread to me to consider pursue deals on Hubzu. I have been avoiding Hubzu from all the horror stories.

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