Driving for Dollars- found foreclosed property how do i get contact info???

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Hey BP Community, I had some time to kill this afternoon so I drove around the neighborhood I'm targeting in my Absentee owner mailers and came across a house with boarded up windows. The next door neighbor said it was in bad shape inside and has been vacant for a while. Zillow and realtor.com said it had been foreclosed. How do i find the contact of the bank or whoever holds title to see if it is available for an offer? What other steps should I be taking? Thank you for any advice! Billy Bell Phoenix tempe scottsdale Arizona wholesale flip

Look on the county tax website where the property is located. Put the address in and it should provide the owner's contact info.



Great info from Mary.  If you find it belongs to a local bank you have a chance, if elsewhere, it could stay like it is for another 1/2 year to 2yrs.  I've kept my eye here on a few properties over the yrs, then I drive by and they are gone(scrapped right off), a contractor is working on it for a bank, or finally a Realtors sign.  You just never know.  Shadow inventor is a real thing.

Good luck.