Looking for Experienced Preforeclosure / Foreclosure Attorney for the Wichita, Kansas area.

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Looking for Experienced Preforeclosure / Foreclosure Attorney for the Wichita, Kansas area. I am specifically looking for someone experience in the area of Preforeclosure cureing the rears and tax liens.

Thank You.

Why would you need an attorney for this ?  just curious

Welcome @Cory Wo

Fellow Wichitan here.

I'd recommend Frank Ojile -- Near downtown in the office building at Waco/Murdock

Or Larry Toomey who is also downtown.  

Mr Toomey has given a presentation to the local REIA a couple months ago and his name comes up often on the list as a referral....same can be said for Frank. I'm sure either would be able to solve your issue.

Thanks Shane.

I would second Shane's recommendation. Also I would invite you to the Wichita REI meetings. Our next meeting is today. The speaker is someone who works with Larry Toomey. I have a conflict and will not be able to attend but hopefully you can meet some like minded people there. Here is the info on the meeting

Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a good summer and enjoying the heat!

Tomorrow we will have another meeting of the Wichita Area Real Estate Investors Association. Our guess speaker will be Heather Colmia of Eviction One! She has spoken a number of times to our group and always has brought useful information. If you are a landlord or plan on being a landlord, this will be for you. Eviction One does back ground checks on potential tenants for landlords. Be prepared to take notes and ask questions!!!

Recil Robinson, will be taking my place for tomorrow, unfortunately I have a unavoidable conflict and will have to be late. So he'll take over and I'll be there towards the end.

The meeting will be at the same place as last time, 417 E. Gilbert, Wichita, KS at 11:00 am. Have a great night and i'll look forward to seeing you all there.


Daniel Wampler

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