Sheriff's Sale property: Judgement amount significantly higher than Liens

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I'm planning on bidding on a property at Sheriff's sale in September that has the following liens:

$540,000 senior mortgage

$21,000 unpaid municipal taxes.  There were several other tax sale liens, second mortgages, and a federal lien, and all were paid off/discharged.  

However, the judgement/upset amount published in the sheriff's website is $853,000, and the judgement posted in the newspaper is higher at $990,000 - significantly higher than the open obligations I found.

I've done a thorough job about checking the title at the county clerk's and statewide judgment database.

What could I be missing here?  I'm worried that I'll be stuck with some other lien.  I know this guy had been in federal court years ago, and had significant fines to pay.

Is there a Federal lien system I can check?

I'm assuming I should be able to find all liens that total close to the upset/judgement amount.

Any help is appreciated!


what about water lien? some cities or counties come attach to the house not to the owner and in one of my deals surprise me with 3000k to the city for a water lien.

Thanks Zulma - I have municipal charges covered.

In fact, I figured out the difference in the mortgage note vs. the final judgement - all interest.  The note was accruing at 7.25% for 7 years + tax and legal expenses.

Problem solved,