Expanding to CA, How should I pull title data prior to auction?

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I have an opportunity to work with some folks in Walnut Creek CA, that's in Contra Costa County about 15 miles east of Oakland.

I want to able to do title searches from Colorado. What are auction investors in CA using to see the status of title? I dont want to break the bank by using an attorney to do the leg work. Obviousley I can't run down to the local Contra Costa records clerk either.

This group is eager to JV with me here in Colorado on the condition we can transfer what we are doing here to Walnut Creek CA.

I'm a cash buyer fix flip and hold SFH and typically pick up properties at auction. I am under no illusion that the auction process in CA is the same as CO; so I have plenty of home work to do.

I don't have any experiencing operating outside of CO and I would appreciate any insight in to CA auction process. step by step/ how too etc. Thanks.

I would think connecting with a Title Company such as Chicago Title can help you with Title searches. My understanding is things in CA sit in Escrow for quite sometime. Not sure of the Auction process there I have a relative who is a Chicago Rep. in San Diego I'll see if she has any info on the Auction process

There are many different services that offer nationwide title search services.  Depending on the type of foreclosure auction the traditional title insurance companies may not be willing/able to help you.  Below are three options to consider:




Full disclosure, TitleSearch.com is my company's website.  Best of luck!

@Marcello D., probably the lead foreclosure teacher in California is Ward Hannigan. He has a website with all kinds of great information.

(http://www.foreclosureforum.com/index.html) I'm sure you can find the answer there.

From my knowledge and research of that part of RE investing it takes a relationship with a title company to accurately determine the loan status and position. All of the effective buyers I know at the trustee sales have a title company that does the research for them on the morning of the sale.

One other resource you should consider is Property Radar. It's a subscription service but one you will be glad you have. It's become the go to source for real estate info and trustee sales. The owner @Sean OToole is active on BP and might want to chime in on this as well since he originally was a trustee sales buyer.

@Marcello D.  I second property radar I had breakfast with Mr. Otoole and he gave me a tutorial of his product it is awesome. and quite well priced.

be ready for serious competition when you come to CA Trustee sales.

@Marcello D. there is a good post on this topic here: http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/41/topics/103847-title-searching-on-california-foreclosure-auctions. Feel free to PM me for the contact info of the title company I mention in that post. They'll do searches for free if you direct enough business their way. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can usually do much of the work online in most of the larger CA counties using their online indexes. Most, unfortunately, don't offer the ability to view documents except in person, but you can buy the document images from us, datatree, etc. Happy to help with more specific questions if needed.

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