Student Rental

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I have a rental property near several Universities in Pennsylvania and the town has an ordinance against renting to students.We have rented to students for approx 15 years supposedly against the ordinance.I understand government involvement with discrimination but have not seen this type a discrimination against an unprotected class i.e “students”.Does anyone know of any cases that addressed these or similar issues? Does anyone in the BP community have any ideas on how to allow me to continue to rent to students? It looks like the elite town board is stacked against me and it is 5 male lawyers, no business people, no landlords, no other professionals. I am pretty sure they have already reached a decision and there is very little I can do at this level.They are infringing on my right to work make a living as my family has done for over a century. Students represent 27% of the population over 80 million people I cannot rent to. This appears to be unconstitutional I can’t believe they can even pass a law like this anywhere in the USA.All help is appreciated.

I am by far no expert on legal issues, especially involving discrimination cases; I feel any discrimination against any so-called "classes" of people should be unconstitutional and violates fundamental principles that formed our nation from the get-go. If I could offer any suggestion at all without stepping on toes here or in any way, manner, shape or the ACLU, they may be able to assist you in fighting against what I call tyranny.